Monday, February 19, 2018
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How to Make Your Garden Fresh Again


Among the numerous perks that come with a house, the presence of garden to play with probably seems the most exciting to the new hose owners. It makes sense, landscaping is one of those things you simply cannot pull off in an apartment. Still, what happens when the novelty wears off, and taking care of the garden becomes more of a chore than a pleasure? Well, you are not going to find out because we will give you a few tips how you can breathe the new life into your garden and make it interesting again.

Refresh the Garden Beds

Garden beds are small enough so they can be easily replaced or moved around, but they are in the same time large enough to make a difference when it comes to the overall look. So much so, that you can use them to lay the style for the rest of the garden to follow. Cinder blocks and concrete beds will impose more urban, and stripped down look, while the wooden beds will make the entire garden vintage. You can go even more naturalistic, and use the ordinary logs to boarder the planting space.

Create the Social Hub

There is no better way to force yourself to take care of the garden than to actually spend some time there with your friends and family. Essentially, you will need nothing more than just a few pieces of interesting outdoor furniture to bring your little hub into existence, but why would you waste a chance to go few steps further? Pergolas are easy enough to make, so do that to get some permanent shade solution. If you are keen on privacy, you can use the mentioned flowerbeds to obscure yourself from the neighbors’ curious eyes.

Use the Vertical Gardening

You can do that with hanging pots, and even the wooden pallets, but the real game-changer here are the trellises. Making them requires just a little work and the basic carpentry skill, but boy, do they pay off the effort. Not only you will get enough space for vertical planting, you can easily turn your garden into the lush maze-like space. Planting a vineyard is not out of the option, either. So, if flower beds are able to enforce some look on your garden, trellises are able to overhaul it completely.

Make Your Garden Draught-Tolerant

First, you will have to get rid of the lawn, and replace it with golden gravel, mixed with some ornamental grass, like deer grass. Second, you should add several accent plants, such as blue-leaved Weber agave, which are able to withstand a low-water climate, and prolonged periods without of draught. Boarder your pathways with the appropriate solid-color sandstones and you will create something completely different than you had before. Other great thing about this design is that your garden will need much less maintenance in the future.

Go For the Fairy Tale Look

In the previous example you were supposed to emulate the dry, almost desert-like look. This one goes in completely opposite direction. What makes them similar, though, is the reduced need for maintenance. In this case, you should try to make your garden as lush, and vivid as possible. Shrubs and hedges should help you to fill plenty of space, but do your best not to leave any surface barren. Add the small stone walkway and you will end up with garden that looks like it has gotten straight out of some fairy tale. Adding few vintage elements here and there can do nothing but help, of course.

So, those were our five ideas of how to completely overhaul the look of your garden, or to introduce some changes that will make it fresh again. Either way, we hope that you will find something you like, enter your garden, and discover once again why you fell in love with it in the first place.