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Explore the Beauty: Koh Samui Is the Destination That Won’t Disappoint You

Koh Samui

Thailand’s Koh Samui has set itself as a premier holiday destination in Asia due to all the wonderful sights it offers.

The island is lined with top-notch resorts which gives it a modern feel and a promise of a luxurious experience while the magnificent blue waters boasting a vast variety of marine life and corals are what contributes to the island remaining a real heaven on earth sight.

And while you would think that beach fun and partying are the only things you can enjoy here, you’d be surprised to learn that Koh Samui offers a lot to see and experience. Here’s a little countdown of things you may be interested in doing while at this gorgeous place.

Chaweng and Lamai Beach Attractions

Even though the beaches here are wonderful, you should take a break from time to time and indulge the famous Koh Samui attractions, temples, wats, pagodas. Consider starting your tour with a trip to the famous Big Buddha temple. You wont be able to miss it as it features a majestic golden statue of Lord Buddha. You can then learn more about the century-old sculptures and traditional Thai art work and explore the wats.

Obviously, since you are already indulging the gorgeous Koh Samui which is the perfect place for ultimate beach fun then you can go even further and explore the beaches of Koh Samui and their greatest attractions. For a fun-filled experience maybe try staying at a beach-front resort only to later top the experience with the wonderful nightlife of the famous Chaweng beach. If you are more interested in relaxing scenarios, then enjoying your time at the laid-back setting of Lipa Noi is perfect for you.

One of the most popular attractions near Koh Samui is The Ang Thong National Marine Park which is a stunning oasis comprising of 42 islands, each featuring something unique. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking coastlines, see limestone massifs and verdant tropical rainforests.

Koh Samui Tiger Zoo and Aquarium Prices & Cost, Thailand

If you are not an early bird, there are many shows which run throughout the day yet it is advised to visit the Tiger Zoo early in the morning – that way you’ll avoid the crowds and will be able to enjoy all the shows scheduled for the day.

Since your zoo ticket includes all shows and exhibits, you can plan your day around the popular shows. The shows include demonstrations with tigers, leopards and sea lions. If you are coming with your kids, give your best to spend the whole day at the zoo and give your children an unforgettable experience.

Namuang and Hin Lad Waterfalls, Thailand

Waterfalls are generally a wonderful sight, but these – these are a heavenly experience. Each of Koh Samui’s waterfalls will blow your mind with something unique and distinctive.

For most visitors, The Namuang waterfall is the most popular outing. It isn’t rare for visitors to make traveling out to Namuang Falls a whole day experience and enjoy the beauties of this gorgeous site. If you are more on an adventurous side, maybe take up hiking over rocky paths that lead to the top point of the falls. Nearby, yet another great thing is that you can take a ride on an elephant to explore this beautiful setting. The Hin Lad Waterfall in Koh Samui is a great option for those who love scenic bush walks. You’ll have to walk for about two kilometers on a hiking trail alongside the pristine waterfall but the reward is great – once the weather gets too hot all visitors are allowed to swim in the natural pool at the base of the waterfall.

This gorgeous place is so breathtaking that it will probably take you a lifetime to get fed up with it. The beauty and the fact it’s incredibly cheap to live at. This is probably the reason why so many people are migrating to Thailand, making it the hot spot of Asian countries. If you are looking to start over you can easily move there yourself or even bring the whole family and enjoy your fresh start. There is no better place than this.