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10 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvement

All of us live in homes, spend time with families and enjoy leisure and work alike. We all want to enhance leisure enjoyment as well as want to improve quality of time spent with families. Home is the focus of attention for any normal family person and that is why we keep improving our homes one way or the other. There are companies dedicated for this purpose who are experts but to take a start, we as owners of a place need to advise those people to make improvements. There are million home improvements that can be suggested for any house but we need to be selective and practical. Let’s start from the home gate.

A call bell

There is a call bell for every visitor’s use. First the bell switch should be fixed conspicuously so the visitor will not miss it. One should keep the switch under a shade to save it from rain to avoid electric shock to user. Next the bell inside the house should have a pleasant sound and not a deterrent one. The bell should be placed at a place where the residents can listen that conveniently and above all the sound should be audible at the door as well. This will ensure the visitor that he/she has been announced inside.

A door intercom system

This gate bell can be further improved by replacing it with a door intercom system. The house lady can talk to the person at the door and decide whether she is to allow the entry or not and this saves hassle of shuttle marching between kitchen and the gate. If there are instructions to be given at the door that is again possible through door intercom without physically coming to the spot.

A door video camera with microphone

This can further be improved if one decides to have a door video camera with microphone. The house lady then can be virtually at the gate as she picks gadget inside the house to activate that camera. She can see the person who wants to enter the house. Suppose lady listens to some noise on the gate, she can just switch on video camera to see and listen what are the news at the gate and whether her physical presence is required or not.

A gate lock is equipped with a sensor

The situation can be further improved if a gate lock is equipped with a sensor to display inside the house whether the gate is locked or not. This is a great security measure and will save lot of worries for the house inhabitants because the gate can be left open accidentally as well.

A movement sensor

We can have a movement sensor installed at the gate. This will alert people inside the house about the movement at the gate. These sensors have different distance ranges for the owner to choose from. These sensors should be installed in front and back lawns for safety purposes too. And these sensors can mark difference between animal movement (like a cat) and human body movement. Some sensors are attached to flood lights that are switched on automatically as and when the sensors send a signal upon picking a movement.

The gate

The gate itself can be equipped with a remote gate opening device called solenoid. The house lady can just push a button from inside the house to open the gate and give instructions over intercom.

Places where rains are a regular feature or there is harsh sunshine, one should have some beautiful acceptable arrangements for a shade. This will help the visitor to wait few minutes till gate is opened and entry is made possible. These shades come in various designs and sizes and are not a mere eyesore. Gate itself can be designed in a way to have a brief shade or if only harsh sun is the consideration then a nicely grown beautiful tree could be the answer.

The lawn

The lawn outside the house should have a retractable hose reel, to help you to address any watering job outside the house like sprinkling the lawn, watering plants or even washing the car. For small children this water supply can be a fun in summer, to beat scorching sun days and having something cold and funny to play with. These retractable reels have different length of pipes depending on user requirements. User can just pull the length of pipe he needs and then let it retract as it is spring loaded.

This allows the user to stop the hose at any point. When user completes the job he can automatically enjoy the rewinding of reel and neat storage. These reels can be used standing on a stand or may be mounted on a wall as well. We can further cover the reel with a shade to make this reel used as a table in lawn. This “lawn Table” can be of great use when one has to place a mobile phone or a pair of glasses while attending something impromptu.

There are areas where power failure is a regular phenomenon. In that scenario another improvement is to connect the bell or the camera with an alternative source of electricity like a UPS. This will ensure the bell to ring as needed instead of banging on the gate.


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  1. Add a little bit of paint, scrub and clean everything really well, and touch up wood. All of these are simple ways to improve the home on a budget.

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